• About Ross Annels

    Ross with Shemple sculpture, image by Kim Guthrie.

    Ross is a studio furniture maker, branching out through wood art to larger multi-media sculptural pieces. His work investigates the partnerships that become possible in the making with natural materials and ways to express the many more-than-human creative practices in the world. Birdsong becomes furniture, wood grain becomes block prints, leaves become copper sculptures; the politics of humanity rewoven into the ecology of the earth.

  • An Australian Political Decoy


    An Australian Political Decoy - populist political rhetoric turns refugees - desperate individual humans fleeing turmoil and personal tragedy - into two dimensional queue jumpers and criminals to be discouraged, turned away or locked up. How is it our hospitable and generous culture is so easily turned to xenophobia and inhumanity?


  • Analogue Environmental Sound Synthesiser - Floating Land 2019


  • Chair for the lake

    chair for the lake

     ‘A tall chair in the midst of the lake faced the shore: perhaps the Lake sat, equally amazed, at

    such human busyness along its edge.’ (Tamsin Kerr 2009) Photograph by Adam West.


  • Exhibition - Floating Land 2015

    Floating Land 2015 Reflect and Reimagine October 2015 

    Commissioned Artwork Shemple (also known as Reflective Temple). Ross Annels and Kari.

    More images of the work.

  • Lore

    Lore - collaborative, site specific ephemeral work in Bunya Nuts

  • Ring

    Ring - collaborative, site specific work created at the Bunya Dreaming. Ring references the remnants of a vandalised Bora ring nearby, and the role of the Bunya Dreaming in rebuilding and reclaiming kabi kabi culture.

  • Shemple - Floating Land 2015

    Shemple with Kari performing ritual and two musicians passing

    Shemple: a collaborative sculptural installation by Ross Annels and Kari at Floating Land 2015, Boreen Point, Queensland Australia.