About Ross

About Ross Annels

Ross with Shemple sculpture, image by Kim Guthrie.

Ross is a studio furniture maker, branching out through wood art to larger multi-media sculptural pieces. He co-directs the Cooroora Institute: sharing the song of the earth through creative practice, and bringing together artists, musicians and intellectuals interested in the artistry of place. His work investigates the partnerships that become possible in the making with natural materials and ways to express the many more-than-human creative practices in the world. Birdsong becomes furniture, wood grain becomes block prints, leaves become copper sculptures; the politics of humanity rewoven into the ecology of the earth.

Classes in Woodwork and furniture making

Anne checking a hand planed edge is square  

In his studio at the Cooroora Institute in the Noosa Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, Ross offers classes:

  • one-on-one training,
  • regular weekly woodworking and furniture making classes, and
  • masterclasses in steam bending and chair design  

Ross also hosts:

  • internships,
  • artist residencies and
  • Masterclasses with other leading artists, designers and makers. 

Landscape Memoir of a Fine Furniture Artisan


Landscape memoir is a way of re-membering our local connection to place. Like literary memoir, it often tells a greater truth than more factual history. Landscape memoir connects philosophy with words and place through creative objects. Words alone do not fully describe our connection to country because place is much too slippery a concept. We need art, imagination, festivity, and creativity – the fundamental forces of culture and of society – in order to explain our connection to the local places we inhabit.